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Whether it’s Front-End or Other Coding Needs, Rockstar Coders Helps Supplement Your Team With Elite
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Uses of Front-End Development

Front-end development (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) creates the parts of a website or application that the user interacts with. In essence, front-end programming is the implementation of design elements: the layout, colors, animations, etc. The goal of front-end development is to make sure that the website or application is easily usable, accessible to users on all devices and to search engines, and optimized for optimum performance.

As such, a front-end coder must have a keen eye for design and an attentiveness to the pixel-perfect details of a design. He or she must also be up to date with the latest User Experience and User Interface trends in order to implement the design in a way that performs best. And, a front-end programmer must understand how to organize the content in a way that gets the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.

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  • Rigorous screening ensures only the best candidates
  • We build website and app front-ends frequently in our own agency projects
  • We only present you with the candidates we think are the best fit for you.


  • Scale up and down with commitments ranging from a couple of hours to full time.
  • One programmer or building a whole team, we’ve got you covered
  • Need design? Other technologies? We’ve got that, too.

Your Projects, Your Way:

  • U.S. time zones – they work when you work
  • Manage your team directly (we stay out of your way)
  • Seamlessly add our providers to your pre-existing work flow and tools


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