Rockstar Coders is a Chicago-based temp staffing agency that connects companies with elite freelance developers living in U.S. time zones. You have access to the top 1% of candidates we interview, all for around $30-$60/hour. And we can vouch for our people: our leadership team is made up of project managers and developers, so unlike traditional HR firms, we know what it takes to rock a project.

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Why Rockstar Coders Rocks

Whatever the nature of your web development needs, chances are good that PHP can help you achieve elegant and powerful solutions. Our rockstar developers will rock your project and keep it under budget.


Full-Stack Senior PHP  Developer

  • 10 years as a PHP developer
  • 5 years as a Ruby on Rails developer
  • 6+ years as a CakePHP developer
  • Experience with CodeIgniter, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
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Full Stack Senior PHP Developer

  • 10 years as a PHP and MySQL developer
  • 3 years of experience with CodeIgniter
  • Experience with Laravel
  • 5+ years as an HTML and CSS Developer

We're Web Development Experts

We're not a faceless HR company. We've logged over 200,000 hours in web development projects in PHP and many other languages and frameworks. So we know code. 

Kick-Ass Coders

Only the top 1% of our applicants come out of our rigorous screening process as a top developer, so we only present you with the best of the best. We take the time to pair you with the right PHP developer, which saves you hours of wading through resumes.

Your Project, Your Way

All our Rockstars are in U.S. time zones, so they work when you work. Manage them directly and add them to any processes you already have.

Flexible Commitments

Need a team of PHP developers full-time for the forseeable future? We've got you covered.

Need one developer for a few days? We've got that, too.

We Rock PHP

     Used in over 80% of all software development solutions, PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language among developers who aim to produce universally-compatible dynamic web content.

     PHP is open source, with a large community of contributing developers who constantly update and improve the language and provide each other free access to pre-built code, commands, and functions, meaning reliable outsourcing PHP development: freelance PHP developers have the support they need to develop web solutions for very specific business needs.

     PHP parses and executes quickly, has good documentation, easily interacts with database languages like MySQL, and there is no need to compile when coding in PHP, all of which saves developer time and programming cost. The ability to create PHP script tags which integrate with HTML tags, and flexible rules about code and function order, allow extremely efficient development of highly dynamic web content with PHP. And with PHP web hosting, the PHP code is not viewable via web browser.

     An array of PHP frameworks—CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, and Zend, among others—exists to help freelance PHP developers create clean and adaptable custom software solutions.

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Full-Stack Senior PHP  Developer

  • 10+ years as a PHP developer
  • Experience with Symfony, Zend, and Yii frameworks
  • Experience with AngularJS and NodeJS
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