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Uses of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails’ modularity makes it ideal for a broad range of website types:


Use existing Rails plug-ins and gems to easily build popular e-commerce application functions, like:

  • Shopping carts
  • Payment systems
  • Subscription plans

Social Networking/Membership

Rails applications are naturally user-friendly and there are many existing gems designed to build social and member-ship based functions on your site, such as:

  • User authentication
  • User posts and uploads
  • Likes and comments

Content Management

Rails excels at presenting complicated database content in an easy-to-navigate way. And Rails makes it as easy for you to upload and organize content as it is for users to access it, including:

  • Music and audio
  • Articles
  • Images and Videos

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About Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (or just “Rails”) is a model-view-controller (MVC) development framework, written in Ruby by David Hansson in 2005. Thanks to its guiding principles of Convention Over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), Rails developers can create elegant, powerful, and scalable web applications efficiently. As of this year, Ruby on Rails is running an estimated 1.2 Million websites. Ruby on Rails features a modular design and a robust set of plugins, as well as packaged Ruby applications called Gems, which means:



Developers spend less time writing redundant code, and less time building application components from scratch, which all leads to a lot less time between planning your website and launching it.




Ruby on Rails website components can be modified quickly and easily—even after launch—thanks to modular design and a concise code-base. And Ruby is easier to read than many other programming languages, meaning Rails projects can be quickly understood and easily maintained by developers joining your team.



More bang for your buck

The speed and flexibility of Ruby on Rails allow developers to spend more of their time customizing and implementing elegant solutions for your business needs. The result is a powerful web application that is cost-effective to build and to maintain.


Featured Ruby on Rails Rockstars

Whatever the nature of your web development needs, chances are that Ruby on Rails can help you achieve elegant and powerful solutions. Our rockstar developers will rock your project and keep it under budget.


Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

  • 7+ years as a Ruby on Rails developer
  • 7+ years as a front-end developer
  • Experience with RSpec, Capibara, JS, CoffeeScript, Slim
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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

  • 4+ years as a Ruby on Rails Developer
  • 9+ years as a PHP Developer
  • Experience with NodeJS
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