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Thank you for reaching out. We’re excited to start a conversation with you and get you the right person (or people) for your design or development project.



First Step: A Quick Call

Your dedicated account manager will reach out within the next business day to set up a call. Every project is unique, and every developer has unique skills. Even if you’ve sent over a spec, we guarantee that we’ll have a question or two, and good communication is key to finding you a Rockstar.

And don’t worry, we know you’re busy. We’re busy too, and we’ve found over the years that the single quickest way to get you the right Rockstar is to have a brief phone call.

Kickoff Call FAQ’s

We know your time is limited. Here’s a few questions we often get asked on kickoff calls, so that we can focus less on logistics and more on finding you the right coder:

Can I meet the developer? I want to make sure they’re a good fit with me and my team.

Definitely! Once we find a developer or two that you like, we coordinate an interview where you can ask them almost anything. These interviews are commitment-free and free of charge.

How much does a Rockstar Coder cost?

It depends on the provider. ~90% of an individual coder’s rate is based on his or her skills and what he or she wants to be paid. The other ~10% is for commitment (i.e. full-time work is cheaper than as-needed quick fixes). In general, most Rockstar Coders fall in the $30-$60/hour range.

Does it cost money to see candidates? And are there finder’s fees if I want to hire a coder?

No and no. The search, presentation, and interview processes are free, and we don’t charge any kind of finder’s fee if we find someone you like. The only thing you pay for is the work you ask your coder to do.

Can I just get an estimate?

Absolutely! But the first step (see above) is to find the right dev for your project. That way, you can work with someone with the right skills to help you figure out how long the project will take.