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Save money, time, and frustration by finding designers with the right skills and real-world experience. Whether you need a brand new logo, a killer UI for your new iOS app, or a beautiful theme for your responsive WordPress site, our designers have the skills and experience you need. We understand that every project has its own unique challenges and opportunities – technical restrictions, target users, mobile requirements, etc. – and you need a designer who can meet those challenges head-on.


Let us do the searching for you. Our dedicated search staff has been trained to find the best candidates. We constantly look for new people through our growing network of designers in U.S. timezones. Because we do high-profile web and mobile design for a living, we really know what to look for.


We’ve been in the web/mobile design business for a long time and have learned a lot about where and how to find quality people. We also know firsthand just how personal and specific aesthetic taste can be. When you work with us to find a designer, we take the time to understand not just the skill set required, but also the type of look and feel that you think would be appropriate for the project. We then cross-reference this with our library of portfolios and present designers that we feel would be a good match. Throughout the process, your feedback and honest opinions are invaluable to us as we hone in on just the right combination of skills and aesthetics.

Rockstar Coders lives up to their name. Professional grade coders, great communication through the entire process and a pleasure to work with. Best outsourcing experience I have ever had.

Scott Bernadot

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