Don’t waste time searching through job posting websites when you can select from our experienced programmers and designers. We’ve done the hard part of finding the best candidates, which means you can get started on your project sooner. We do large tech projects for a living, so we can better understand what kind of help you need and come up with a plan to get you that help quickly. Less hassle, more rocking out.



Require developers for an existing project? Need a remote team to implement your startup idea? No matter the project, you can add and subtract programming power as you need it. We can augment your current staff, supply an entire group, or provide an individual programmer. You can also choose commitment levels of 10, 20, or 40 hours/week to fit your needs. And because of the relationship we have with our designers and developers, you get competitive rates and the peace of mind that the designers and programmers are there when you need them.




At Rockstar Coders, you hire programmers and designers, not a faceless company. For the duration of your engagement, you work directly with the developer or designer you select. You manage and guide them – we don’t place another layer of communication (and in many cases miscommunication) between you and your people. More importantly, we do everything we can to avoid switching people in the middle of a project. Rockstar Coders was founded by developers – we understand the frustration of losing a developer mid-stream. For that reason, we’ve gathered a group of top-notch designers and programmers we use on an ongoing basis. You benefit from the reputation of trust we have with our staff.




Because we employ designers and programmers in North and South America, they work when you work. You can discuss an idea when it is fresh in your mind instead of having to send an email and wait for a reply. Issues can be resolved the same day – no waiting due to a large difference in time zones. Also, because our developers sleep at night instead of working, their minds are fresh and ready to solve your problems.




Communication is a key component of any relationship. With Rockstar Coders, you speak directly with the providers as often as you want. Use a plan that best fits your project. It’s up to you. Regardless of communication style, you receive weekly reports tracking hours and tasks, as well as have scheduled meetings with your account director to discuss status and resolve any issues.




Our developers and designers all speak both English and Spanish. Perfect for those internal meetings that need to be in English and a huge asset for projects targeting a Spanish-speaking market.



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