Why Write a Blog?

We don’t really like company blogs. As Content Marketing becomes more and more important, more and more companies merely create content for content’s sake, rather than to add interesting and useful information to the web. More often than not, a company blog is just a self-indulgent collection of vague, SEO-keyword-heavy posts with deceptive, clickable headlines (ex. “7 Life Hacks to Improve Your Cat’s Productivity”).

So, you won’t see any posts that say, “Freelance PHP developers, part-time iOS developers, WordPress developers for hire, contract Ruby on Rails programmers, freelance designers, affordable UI/UX help, and Java coders flexible hours.” (See what we did there? Clever, eh?)


Then why write our own blog?

First and foremost, we feel like we have something worthwhile to say. Behind the rockstar makeup and This Is Spinal Tap jokes, we have years of experience running development and design projects ourselves, staffing providers to projects, and generally getting things done. We’d like to think that we’ve figured a few things out over the years, and that experience is worth passing on to others.

Secondly, we often find ourselves giving advice to our clients on how to get the best out of their Rockstars. We realized that we kept giving the same advice over and over again…so we decided to write it down. We hope that this blog will serve as a knowledge base for our clients, as well as a primer for how to get the best work out of your developers and designers (regardless of whether or not you found them through us).

So, yes – our blog might have some elements of other company blogs, but we promise to make this blog the kind of company blog we’d want to read. That means writing informative, entertaining, and relevant posts that teach you something new or provide a new perspective to an old idea. And yes, that means a healthy dose of Rockstar puns.

In other words, we hope our blog strikes a chord. (You can’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Pixels, code, and rock & roll,
Rockstar Coders

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