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About Rockstar Coders

Rockstar Coders is a digital agency specializing in custom software solutions.

We have spent years running our own projects (many 10,000+ hours). We have built software in about every way and in almost every technology. As a result, we are better than anyone else at turning your specific needs—features, schedule, budget, etc.—into plans that actually get your projects done.

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David Fischer

Founder and CEO
An experienced technology entrepreneur, David founded his first company as a junior in college. In addition to building and selling two internet startups, David has spent over fifteen years building technology companies and has led teams placing more than 250 developers with over 100 companies, ranging from startups to some of the world’s leading brands. An All-New England rugby player in college, David is actively involved with the national and international rugby community. He currently lives in New Haven with his wife, Elizabeth, and their four children. He holds a B.A. with distinction in Computer Science and Economics from Yale University.


Steve is a Yale researcher turned technology entrepreneur, senior software architect, and consultant for Fortune 500 companies. His experience ranges from inventing and patenting a novel security and authentication system for the wireless industry, leading the development of mission-critical business applications for the world's leading corporate jet aircraft company (NetJets Inc.), to being awarded featured project of the month by Google. He received his B.Sc. (Hons.) in EE and CS at Durham University U.K. He continued his research in machine learning and was awarded his Ph.D. for the design and development of a neural network controlled autonomous robot. Subsequently he was invited to Yale University as a postdoctoral research fellow and went on to win the university-wide Yale Entrepreneurial Competition.