Get the staff you need, as soon as you need them, for as long as you need them. 


We draw from our network of talented developers and designers to find you high quality people at competitive rates. We’re not your typical staffing agency – our sister company, GoodFolk, is a full-service digital agency, so we have years of real experience building teams and running creative dev projects up to 10,000+ hours for a living. We’ve been in your shoes and we know what it takes to find you the right person for your project.

At Rockstar Coders, we take the time to fully understand your project as if we were doing it ourselves. We focus on what you’re looking for and who’s out there to get you the right people for the job as quickly as possible. We take care of recruiting, vetting, and testing every candidate to save you time and money. We’ve got the details covered so you can focus on rocking your project. 

How we find your Rockstar Coder:


1. Assess

We take the time to understand what you need to rock your project. What technologies or design elements do you need? For how many hours a week? What’s the duration of your project? What does your team look like? We work with you to figure out a plan that best suits your needs. We run huge projects like these for a living, so we want to fully understand your project as if we’re doing it ourselves.

2. Search

We scour our large network of elite developers and designers in U.S. timezones to find the best person for the job. If we don’t have that perfect fit within our network, we’ll keep looking until we find someone just right; our search process is always on.

3. Present

We present you with potential matches, all formatted in detailed and digestible developer and designer bios. Unlike other staffing companies, we take our time when we preselect our candidates so that we can present you with a reasonable number to review, saving you time and energy. After all, that’s our job.

4. Connect

All of our developers and designers go through a rigorous hiring process before you even meet them, and we’ll share everything we know about them with you in the selection process. When you do meet a developer, we handle all the logistics so you can focus on getting to know them.

5. Rock On!

Once the pen hits the paper, you and your new provider are ready to rock! We have a set of dedicated software to track activity and provide accurate accounting of hours. Designers and developers enter detailed descriptions of each task into an online application, which is used for billing. We check in regularly, and our account managers are always available to review hours and address any concerns. Finally, if you’re not satisfied any time within the first week, we can terminate the trial – no questions asked.

Developer Services

Eric Clapton may be nicknamed “Slowhand,” but we prefer our programmers to be called “Fasthands.” Whether it’s a standard technology or something obscure, we’ve got a Rockstar for you.

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Designer Services

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without a great designer. Let our creatives turn your idea into a vision (though we don’t recommend changing your name to a symbol).

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