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Tech Entrepreneurs Finding Tech and Finance Talent since 2010

Building and running our own tech firms for two decades gives us a unique ability to find the perfect recruits for elite tech and finance companies. We recognize that good recruiting actually requires using the scientific method to observe needs, hypothesize where the best people come from, and experiment and iterate until discoveries are made.

“I’ve filled several key positions through Rockstar Coders. I’ve been very satisfied with the quality of the candidates and Rockstar Coders’ placement process. I look forward to bringing in even more.”
Lukman Ramsey, CTO of Acrobatiq

How we recruit Full-time, permanent employees

You wouldn't hire a plumber who'd never owned a sink

As entrepreneurs building our own tech startups and agencies, we've become experts at recruiting the best talent.

Like catching like

We're trained mathematicians and computer scientists finding like-minded talent. It raises the quality of our candidates and the engagement you have with our firm.

Recruiting as a science

Why leave recruiting up to chance? We use the scientific method to arrive at predictable results for our clients.




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David Fischer

A graduate of Yale with a degree in Computer Science and Economics, David has over 20 years of experience in digital agencies, tech entrepreneurship and professional services. In his 10 years leading Rockstar Coders, he has overseen the placement of over 250 full time employees at companies across the United States. David has also launched and successfully exited two internet start-ups.

Daniel Haziot

Director of Recruiting
Daniel attended Yale University where he graduated with a bachelor in Mathematics. Since graduating, he has launched a startup in the AI space, and currently leads permanent developer recruiting at Rockstar Coders.